Suite Room Facilities

Number of room

2 rooms

Room size

6.5 x 6.4 m/46 sqm

Furniture & Others

King size springbed, wardrobe (hanging, rack & drawer), high quality desk & chair set, single seater sofa & coffee table, hanging book shelf, carpet, modern wall painting, towel hanger, laundry basket, trash bin

Air Conditioning

2 units Daikin Inverter AC, 1 PK each


Television: 32 inch LED TV with Cable TV


Should your mobile phone experience weak signal, you're reachable through our land line with a telephone set provided in every room. This line can also be used to contact management, karungga, security and other residents

Internet Connection

Available in both WiFi & wired, connected 24 hours for no additional cost

Bathroom Inside

Edwards solar powered water heater, Toto sanitary system


Philips heat induction cooker, microwave oven, Sharp double door refrigerator, wall cabinet, sink, 2 units of bar stool


Open air balcony with 2 units outdoor chair


3.300 Watt, included in Rental Cost

Payment Term

Available for Monthly (minimum of 1 month) and Annually. Contact us for detailed price and special package available